Our Experience

Canine Purpose is part of some of the top organizations in the industry, bringing you top notch training used by world-class trainers all over the globe.

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Canine Purpose offers individualized and complete dog training services to the Greater Sacramento area. We accept all breeds of dogs and will customize our training for you and your dog’s purpose.

We specialize in creating a strong foundation and balanced structure for your pet. Our training techniques will instill a sense of belonging and purpose within your dog. Our ‘perfect dog’ is one that is happy, motivated, balanced and completely obedient.

Guaranteed results from your first session, to the last. If you don’t see results, you don’t pay. We know that your dog is a member of your family and that training is a big investment for you.

Why choose us? Our experienced and reliable trainers have years of experience and a vast knowledge base of training techniques and philosophies. We will help you on your journey of finding your dog’s purpose by giving you the tools you need. Because we value each dog and their purpose, you can be sure that all of our training is humane, fair, and balanced. From all-positive to clicker training to proofing and correction, we believe there is a specific time, place, and dog for all training philosophies.

Our canine training is CLEAR, CONSISTENT and MALLEABLE to your dog’s purpose.